A1 / A2 Type Cable Glands


  • Brass BS 2874
  • Brass CZ 121 Pb 3
  • Any special brass material composition as
    per customer’s requirements.

Finish /Plating:

  • Brass Natural
  • Nickel Plated
  • Any special plating as per customer’s specification.


Outdoor or Indoor for use with all types of unarmored cables


Provide seal on outer sheath of the unarmored cables.

Optional Threads:

  • Metrics Threads
  • NPT Threads
  • BSP Threads
  • Any special threads as per
    customer’s specifications.

Operation Temp

Standard seals -20* C To +80*C


Matching Accessories available like PVC surrounds Lock Nuts, Earth Tags, and Reducers Adaptors etc.As per customer’s specifications.

Any Kind of Brass Cable Glands can be developed as per customer’s specifications.